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Manufacturer’s Warranty 


Please read this warranty information carefully. We recommend you attach your purchase receipt to this warranty document and keep it in a safe place. You must produce proof of purchase in the event of a warranty repair or replacement being required.

When you purchase any new Aura Air products you automatically receive a 12-month Manufacturer's Warranty covering parts and labor for servicing.


The Manufacturer undertakes to:

Repair or, at its option, replace without cost to the owner either for material or labor any part of the product, the serial number of which appears on the product, which is found to be defective within TWELVE MONTHS from the date of purchase. 


This warranty DOES NOT cover:

A. Issues which are not related to any defect in the Product.

For example:

  1. Incorrect installation of the product.

  2. Connection problems caused by router set-up settings such as distance from the router, firewall issues, availability of 2.4Ghz network, an overload of connected devices, password length.

  3. Use of power adapter other than supplied.

  4. WiFi drop-outs caused by the customer's internet provider.

  5. Incorrect positioning of the device relative to other objects, or other than instructed by the User Manual.

  6. User modifications to the device.

  7. Incorrect placement of device near heat-generating appliances or windows.

  8. Correcting damage caused by pests, eg. rats, cockroaches etc.

  9. Power outages or surges.

B.  Defects caused by factors other than:

  1. Normal use or

  2. Use in accordance with the Product’s User instructions and guides.

C.  Defects to the Product caused by accident, neglect, misuse or ‘Act of God’. 

D. The cost of repairs carried out by non-authorized repairers or the cost of correcting such unauthorized repairs. 

E.  Repairs when the appliance has been dismantled, repaired or serviced by other than the authorized repairer. 

Service under this warranty must be provided by the manufacturer. Proof of purchase should be included with the item or emailed prior to service as follows:

This warranty covers only goods purchased in Licensed Aura Smart Air Distributors. 

Who is giving this warranty:

TZ Group International LLC

800 Westchester Ave

Rye Brook, NY 10573

Note: This Warranty is an extra benefit and does not affect your legal rights. 

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